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Our Philosophy

Philosophy of This School

Lori Rodgers

Our method of teaching involves creating a wholesome atmosphere while presenting the purest form of each discipline training.Teaching proper technique and inspiring and encouraging each student to reach his/her full potential is the goal of our facility.
The teachers are carefully chosen for their background, training, personality, and dedication of their students. One of our goals is to introduce each students to the joy of each discipline, which along with the self-confidence that art inspires, will remain with them throughout their lives.

Please keep an attitude of interest, but not criticism of your student, keeping in mind that the mastery of fine art requires years of patience and perseverance on the part of all concerned. Psychological and emotional needs at any given time in a students life must also be assessed at one point, a challenge may be in order, but at another time, a more comfortable level may be indicated. Our teachers are open and available to parents to discuss your students and any concerns you may have. We see your child from a teacher’s perspective and you are looking from a parent’s viewpoint. We recognize the difference but also know that we have the same goal: the welfare and progress of your student. Working together with you for the benefit of your student is our pleasure and privilege.


Lori Rodgers- Artistic Director/Owner & Dance Instructor

Jennifer Gonzalez- Belly Dance Instructor

Madeline Luaces- Dance Instructor

Yvette Schmitt- Dance Instructor

Stephanie Jackson- Dance Instructor

Lois Day- Fitness Instructor

Jeremiah Walker- Karate Instructor

Olga Sanchez- Art Instructor

T. J. Faver- Voice & Piano Instructor

Tatiana Musina- Piano Instructor

Christian McCameron- Student Piano Instructor

Juan C. Jackson- Group Guitar & Group Percussion

Khloey Garcia – Hip Hop

Kassie Schneider- Personal Trainer

Veronica Sligar- Massage Therapy