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Classes start on September 4th!

Now Registering!

Tuition and fees

The cost is $80 per month for Concentration Study Class,  Art Exploration $49.00 per month


Lab Fee
A $50 lab fee is due at the time of registration to cover the basic materials used in class. If a student is registered for the summer, their fee will be applied toward the yearly $50 lab fee.


Instructor: Ms. Olga Sanchez

Being born and raised in the Lower Rio Grande Valley, Olga Sanchez has established a great rapport relationship with the students that she has taken under her wing. After earning her Bachelor of Arts in Art Education and a Bachelor of Science in Design from Texas Woman’s University, she realized the importance of bringing back that education to her community. Acquiring over 200 hours of Advanced Placement Studio Art hours at University of Texas through out the state of Texas, she continuously brought and incorporated new education to her students’ curriculum. The incorporation of this education awarded her students’ recognition not only at local, regional, congressional, state and national level, but global recognition. Her students’ work have been displayed in 29 embassies thorough out the world.

Formerly Advanced Placement Art Instructor and Fine Art Department Chair at Harlingen High School, Ms. Sanchez brings with her a wealth of Visual Arts experience. She founded Advanced Placement Drawing, 2-D and 3-D Studio Art classes at Harlingen High School. Students’ portfolios overall rated above national level and earning college credit which would jump start students at sophomore or even junior levels in college. With these portfolio achievements, students currently attend or attended universities such Art Institute of Houston, Stanford University, Pratt, University of North Texas, Colorado, Chicago Art Institute and others. Tracking these students, she has found them to be contributors of their visual arts education as teachers, graphic designers, art historians, artists exhibiting internationally, comic character design and more.

Ms. Sanchez, was director of the Art Association at Harlingen High School which instrumentally opened great opportunities for students. Students were exposed to furthering their education with introduction of several universities, and museums, such as Dallas Museum of Art, Nasher Sculpture Center, Kimbal , San Antonio Museum and others. Members of the association attended artists’ seminars and workshops which greatly influenced the students in expanding their own art relationships

COMMON GOAL of RGV Art Studio experience will be one of finding successful individual art paths. Students will be exposed to the Elements of Art, Principles of Arts, Art History, Color Theory, Media Study, Composition, Light Study, Blending, Perspective and other aspects along with combination of student interest.